Craft Hope – Project 19 :: Dolls, Animals, and Monsters

 Craft Hope is a non-profit movement that is propelled by the generosity and talents of crafters to share handmade items with those less fortunate.  Some of their efforts to organize projects have included Quilts for Hope (Project 18) which provided quilts or other handmade blankets to wildfire victims this past summer in the western US.  Aprons for Haiti (Project 17) provided lovely aprons to women in Haiti who are unlikely to have anything so special or lovingly made in all their lives as they go about their days doing work that you and I couldn’t imagine doing.  The Littlest Warriors (Project 16) provided handmade bags and hats for children fighting cancer.  These are just a few of the projects that Love has created.  Please check out their Facebook page which has all of the information about the current project as well as the efforts that have changed so many lives in the form of projects prior.

I am proud to be part of Project 19: Dolls, Animals and Monsters.  Oh, my! which will provide  handmade soft toys to children who were affected by Hurricane Sandy in the northeast US. I haven’t decided what I’ll be making for my contribution, but I promise to check in here.

Clearly, I’ve been under a rock for a long time, as I just recently found out about this movement.  Please join me in sharing this news by sharing this blog post, ‘Like’ the Facebook page, tell the friends in your circles, etc.  

Love truly does make the world go round.  



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