Fun over on Etsy!

Hey, all!

Well, I finished my stuffed toy for Craft For Hope but haven’t gotten around to taking and posting photos.  Not your traditional bunny, but one that my children would be drawn to, had they discovered him in the sewing room!  ; )

I’ve been working – alot! – on my machine and my sticks.  I’ve been commissioned to knit slippers for a friend, but the pattern is so fun and so fast, I’ve convinced myself that I could bust these out for my family for Christmas.  And, they’ll fit inside the stockings that I continue to work on.  (Almost done!)  We’re always running out of napkins around here, so I’ve made more!  Red linen…gussied up with applique in the corner.  I feel a tutorial coming on…

Hope all is well and that you all are safe and happy.  Practice mindful speech and remember to floss.


p.s. – GOOD GRAVY!!!  I forgot about the Etsy bit!!  (brain=mush)

Enter coupon code JINGLE at checkout and receive a 15% discount on any item in my shop.  Because you’re THAT awesome.  : )


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