Good gravy…

…been a while, eh?  I can hardly believe that it’s been so long since I’ve been here!  Don’t get me wrong – I think of this blog often, but it’s usually when a bright idea pops in to my mind in the car at 45mph, at the market checkout, tucking the kids in to bed, painting rooms – brush in hand, of course! – or juuuuuuust dozing off after a long day.  I’m here.  My family and I are well.  It’s snowing in Cleveland again, so all is as it should be, right?  ; )

Well…I’ve been working on my sewing room!  I realize NOW that I should have taken Before photos (or maybe not, right?), but I am tickled at the outcome so far!!  The walls went from a drab green to a vibrant BLUE at the emotive request of my favorite girl child.  I am in the process of building a cutting table that – oddly – revolves around my super-fantastic cutting mat.  I love that darn mat, I cannot lie.  AND, doing so will provide a workspace of 48in x 54/60in, hopefully with storage underneath.  I’ve been surfing Pinterest for a week or so while I’m organizing and purging and I think I have some good ideas behind my solid intention.  Do you have a separate cutting space in your room?  What did you do?  Will you post a picture for me?  Can we do that here?  LOL

Quilts and clothing have been busting out of my room.  I promise to share pics soon.  Until then…

Love those who seem least deserving of Love.  They could be in the depths of their most desperate times, and YOU could be their only sunlight.  xoxo



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