New beginnings!

I hope your 2016 is looking to be as exciting and creative as mine!!

I am tickled to be starting a new quilt today!  I am 6 squares in to the Valentine quilt from Elizabeth Hartman’s The Practical Guide to Patchwork.  I’m always up for a stash-buster, and this is a fun and easy quilt to pursue.  I’ll update with photos over the next couple of days – I would like to get enough squares completed to figure the first couple of rows so it’s easier for us all to visualize!

I’m excited to announce that I had a great experience with Andrea Moore from The Design Marketplace in creating my new logo!  Isn’t it beautiful!  She is a graphic designer and she was a peach to work with – very patient, kind, patient, talented, patient…you get it.  I really had little idea what I wanted, but when she came to me with the latest design, I knew it was the one for me.  Please do check out her shop – she has some beautiful wall art in her shop, as well!

As a reminder,  I make stuff.  In between squares for my quilt, I will be making personalized Easter baskets, pillowcases, and project bags…all to arrive in the shop soon.

Hope you’re well and are finding loads of inspiration and buckets of motivation for this new year!  Be well, hug often, drink lots of water, get lots of sleep.




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