Slouchy hat lovin’s.

Good evening, everyone!  Hope you’re well and enjoying the long weekend!  I got a bit of knitting done, of course, this past week – quite chilly in CLE – and thought I’d pop over to show you what I’ve been working on.

This is a super cute slouchy hat that I *adore*.  I chose a super bulky, super soft acrylic yarn and made a couple of little flowers to add on – crochet!!  I haven’t crocheted (is that even a word??) since I was in…maybe…4th grade, and even then could only make triangles!  My mom was so frustrated with me… LOL

…and that is my beautiful, sweet, intelligent, fiery, favorite daughter, modeling a few of the hats that can be found in my Etsy shop.

And, also, this: a cozy wrap sweater for your favorite little baby friend!  This little sweater was knit in a beautiful brown wool with flecks of orange and green.  This is one of my favorite Peace Fleece colorways, Baba’s Sienna.

I know that I promised pillowcases and Easter baskets, and I plan to move in that direction this week.  I’ve had a great time with the Valentine quilt that I started a few weeks ago, it’s so much fun – and so beautiful! – to work on.  I’ll post pics of that soon, I promise!

Have a great week, wash the salt off the car and sit still for a few minutes every day.  I promise you won’t regret it!  xoxo


Oh, HEY!

There you are!!  Been looking all over for you!  : )

I know I’m not the only one in the world to neglect her blog, and I can’t be the only one in the world who feels badly for it…right?

I have been working on so many things, I’m having a difficult time wrapping things up!  I have so many UFO’s that I’m overwhelmed!!!  and I don’t like to be that way, soooo…

I’m committing to finish my UFO’s before I take on anything else.  *gulp*

Here are just a few things I’ve been working on:




On top of this, I have a spring sweater/bloomers set, legwarmers and the beautiful sweater for my sweet friend Shannon.

Hope you all are well and are able to get outside, if even for just a moment.  The fresh air does wonders for the brain!!


Hi, everyone!

Hope you’re all well and moving right along as you dream up efforts to make others feel happy and special and loved…it’s the best gift of them all, isn’t it?  : )

Well, I promised that I’d pop on today to post about a couple of things I’ve been working on.  Promise kept!

First, I’ll talk about my first toy for Craft Hope’s Project 19.  My choice was made by memories of my children and the strange little things that they called their favorites when they were young. I can’t imagine they’re the only oddballs (their mama being cemented firmly on that list!) on the planet who like things like this, so I made a lovey in thier honor for another little sweetie.

I found my pattern in Sewing Bits and Pieces by Sandi Henderson.  I made the Woodland Bunny…


*** RASPBERRIES!!!!  Why are my photos crooked???  LOL ***


…and I think he is super sweet.  My Clare likes him alot!  : )  This pattern is a great stash-buster pattern.  In fact, alot of my work lately has consisted of applique…because my scrap stash is obcene.  *blush*

Next, I was asked to make some slippers for a friend and THEY ARE SO AWESOME AND WARM AND COZY!!

Smashed flat:


Sitting up pretty-like:


I made a model before starting Shannon’s slippers to make sure that I understood the pattern well – the lone slipper was confiscated by my 9yo son who demanded a match, so one pair of feet in this house sports a pair of slippers!  I have 2 more pairs to make and stuff in stockings.  No sweat!

What else…  Oh, yes!!  Napkins!  : D

2 months ago, I had enough cloth napkins to fill my drawer, and now I don’t have enough to get through a meal.  I have no idea what happened, truly.  I’ve checked the tree fort, the doll bed, the bike trailers, the workshop, the linen closet, the silver-dryer-vent-thing, closets, buckets…you get the idea.  My napkins are no more, so I’ve made another dozen or so!  And because I first thought of the sparkle in my children’s eyes upon seeing something new in the house instead of the sounds of their screeching voices as they fight because they all want the same one, I made them with different designs.  *insert eye-twitch here*


There is a hiccup on the snowflake applique, but it’ll mend.  : )

What are you working on these days?  I’d love to hear!  : )

Fun over on Etsy!

Hey, all!

Well, I finished my stuffed toy for Craft For Hope but haven’t gotten around to taking and posting photos.  Not your traditional bunny, but one that my children would be drawn to, had they discovered him in the sewing room!  ; )

I’ve been working – alot! – on my machine and my sticks.  I’ve been commissioned to knit slippers for a friend, but the pattern is so fun and so fast, I’ve convinced myself that I could bust these out for my family for Christmas.  And, they’ll fit inside the stockings that I continue to work on.  (Almost done!)  We’re always running out of napkins around here, so I’ve made more!  Red linen…gussied up with applique in the corner.  I feel a tutorial coming on…

Hope all is well and that you all are safe and happy.  Practice mindful speech and remember to floss.


p.s. – GOOD GRAVY!!!  I forgot about the Etsy bit!!  (brain=mush)

Enter coupon code JINGLE at checkout and receive a 15% discount on any item in my shop.  Because you’re THAT awesome.  : )

Good day!

I’ve kept busy these last few days!  I’ve been knitting and sewing things to offer and share with my family.

Today I’ve listed a few more items in my Etsy shop, one of which is this:

This is a sweater that I knit of Peace Fleece wool in Shaba.  To see more of the sweater and to take a peek at the other things I have available, click here.  : )

Be sure to get outside for a bit today!  Even if it’s just to get the mail, take big full breaths of clean air and squeeze the old air out by pulling your belly button in toward your spine as you exhale.  Changes the world, I tell ‘ya!

First listings!

Well, I’ve just listed a few items on my Etsy shop, Four Ferns Clothing!  I will be working more this week on listing items that I have available and for more pieces perfect for fall and winter.

Hope you’re all having a great week!  It’s getting lots cooler here in Cleveland and I’ve always looked at these cooler months as an opportunity for introspection…maybe fireside, in a sweater with a cup of tea.  ; )

Be well!


Thank you so much for visiting!

My name is Lori and I am the mother of four…the four who stand,  loving and fierce (and unknowingly) behind the name of my space in the universe, Four Ferns Knits and Cloth.

Here you will get a sneak peek at what I’m creating in studio and have an opportunity to share your ideas with me on what you’d like to see offered, what works for you and what doesn’t work for you.  In this way, Four Ferns is interactive!  : )  Feedback is truly valued and will be heard.

I create handmade goods in the form of knitwear and sewn items for children, adults and the home.  I’ve had a love affair with wool for many years and repurpose materials as often as I can.  I have an Etsy shop in the works (the link to which I’ll post soon!) and plan to stock that shop every few weeks or so.

Enjoy autumn.  Enjoy your family and visit the library.  Support small local businesses and stay well.

Grateful for your visit –