New beginnings!

I hope your 2016 is looking to be as exciting and creative as mine!!

I am tickled to be starting a new quilt today!  I am 6 squares in to the Valentine quilt from Elizabeth Hartman’s The Practical Guide to Patchwork.  I’m always up for a stash-buster, and this is a fun and easy quilt to pursue.  I’ll update with photos over the next couple of days – I would like to get enough squares completed to figure the first couple of rows so it’s easier for us all to visualize!

I’m excited to announce that I had a great experience with Andrea Moore from The Design Marketplace in creating my new logo!  Isn’t it beautiful!  She is a graphic designer and she was a peach to work with – very patient, kind, patient, talented, patient…you get it.  I really had little idea what I wanted, but when she came to me with the latest design, I knew it was the one for me.  Please do check out her shop – she has some beautiful wall art in her shop, as well!

As a reminder,  I make stuff.  In between squares for my quilt, I will be making personalized Easter baskets, pillowcases, and project bags…all to arrive in the shop soon.

Hope you’re well and are finding loads of inspiration and buckets of motivation for this new year!  Be well, hug often, drink lots of water, get lots of sleep.




Click of the sticks!!

Good morning, everyone!  Hope you’re well!

How is your holiday crafting going?  I’ve been busy myself with a beautiful, satisfying knit pattern named the Luxe Neck Warmer from the book Knit 2 Together by Tracey Ullman and Mel Clark.  This book is full of great projects, and the Luxe is perfect for busting through your yarn stash.  I’ve many of these recently and have labeled a few for gifts and will send a few to the Bin for my shop.

Luxe Neck Warmer in acrylic

I prefer wools, but I realize that not everyone does.  I like to gift easy-care items.


Another item that I really enjoyed working on is this cowl in the Irish Moss Stitch.  This is a beautiful green wool with hints of orange and brown.

Irish Moss Stitch cowl in wool

On the sewing table, I have MERMAID TAILS from Made for Mermaids!!  This sweet pattern is available for FREE on the website!!  These will be Christmas gifts for my neices… (photos coming soon)

What are you working on?  I’d love to hear!!  Have a great weekend, and if I don’t get back here before the end of the holiday season, Happy Holidays to you and the ones you love.  xoxo

I am sooooo excited to be back!!  I hope you’ve been well and stayed creative and are having a great November!!

I’ve always thought that the cooler weather months stir something up in me and encourage me to go down and in, clearing out some cobwebs and getting back to work!  I’ve been working on a few things that I’d like to share with you and am working on a few others that will appear in my shop soon.

First, I was asked by my fantastically-talented-photographer-friend to make a gift for her new niece, and I was so excited!!  A couple of years ago, I created and gifted this to my yoga friend, Stephanie, as she welcomed her first baby:

Ganesha quilt (5)

I wish I’d taken an ‘after’ photo of this!!

I enjoyed the individuality of this quilt so much, I was inspired to make this one for M:

Quilt for Marnie 001 Quilt for Marnie 003 Quilt for Marnie 004Quilt for Marnie 005 Another friend is traveling to Disney with her family for Christmas and had asked me to make stockings for the eight of them…

Christy's stockings

I changed the cuff on Dee’s to white, and added red bows on the Minnie toes and onto Ollie’s stocking, too.  I need to get better at taking ‘after’ photos!!

There is much more to share, but I’ve been called away – back soon, I promise!!


Good gravy…

…been a while, eh?  I can hardly believe that it’s been so long since I’ve been here!  Don’t get me wrong – I think of this blog often, but it’s usually when a bright idea pops in to my mind in the car at 45mph, at the market checkout, tucking the kids in to bed, painting rooms – brush in hand, of course! – or juuuuuuust dozing off after a long day.  I’m here.  My family and I are well.  It’s snowing in Cleveland again, so all is as it should be, right?  ; )

Well…I’ve been working on my sewing room!  I realize NOW that I should have taken Before photos (or maybe not, right?), but I am tickled at the outcome so far!!  The walls went from a drab green to a vibrant BLUE at the emotive request of my favorite girl child.  I am in the process of building a cutting table that – oddly – revolves around my super-fantastic cutting mat.  I love that darn mat, I cannot lie.  AND, doing so will provide a workspace of 48in x 54/60in, hopefully with storage underneath.  I’ve been surfing Pinterest for a week or so while I’m organizing and purging and I think I have some good ideas behind my solid intention.  Do you have a separate cutting space in your room?  What did you do?  Will you post a picture for me?  Can we do that here?  LOL

Quilts and clothing have been busting out of my room.  I promise to share pics soon.  Until then…

Love those who seem least deserving of Love.  They could be in the depths of their most desperate times, and YOU could be their only sunlight.  xoxo


Hello, again!

It’s been a long time!!  

Summer certainly got the best of me as we enjoyed the beach, vacation, lazy days and lots of friends.  Hope your break was super great, as well!

The (young) children started school last Monday, so I’ve been rummaging around the sewing room, scheming and organizing, experimenting and lying on the floor.  Seriously…I lie on the floor for 10-15 minutes a day.  I’ve got some super cool things cooking in my brain and can’t wait to get started!

In the meantime, I’m knitting up a few things for an event that I’ll tell you about in the next week or so.  

Stay busy and keep out of trouble!  ; )

It’s June!

Can you believe it?!?

I’m very excited for summer and having the kids home from school!  Lots of crafting and camp and beach and garden food…YAY!

I was recently asked to make a very specific towel and potholder set for someone who was visiting a hotel this month.  What a considerate idea!!  Can you imagine walking in to a hotel room to find something extra special, just for you?


This kind soul did a search on Etsy and found a set that I’d made with this garbage/recycling truck applique and reached out to me to make this set.  

This leads me to mention that anything can be made with any design that you find in my shop or on this blog.  I have so many designs, I’m not quite sure that I’ll use them all in my lifetime!  So, if there’s something you are considering, whether it’s for your home or for a guest that you’d like to make feel extra special and right at home, hit me up!  I’m certain I can find something you’d enjoy…

Enjoy the end of the academic year and enjoy summer!  Gardening is easy – grow some food this summer!  

Happy Weekend!

Ahh!!  I am so happy the weekend is here!  Hope you all have some spontaneous fun with your families sandwiched between spontaneous quiet and stillness…and that you try hard (as I will be doing, as well) to appreciate every precious little moment!

I’ve listed the wool interlock pants on Etsy, so send your friends, your mail carrier, your 2nd cousin and/or your neighbor to the shop to check ’em out!  Is there another design you’d like to see?  Message me!  I listen well (a tidbit which firmly contradicts what my mother told me while I was growing up)!