Busy, yet trying to stay grounded…

The seasons change so quickly and the holiday season is so short.  I realize that it’s important to observe each holiday as it comes and to be fully present in family, in emotion, in love. That said, I am at work on Christmas items…and it’s not even Thanksgiving!!

As I sit at my machine making stockings for my family, I am enveloped in gratitude.  I am grateful for a family to create for, for my talent, for a warm, safe home full of everything that I need and for my many fantastic friends (lucky girl, I know!), one of which is Renee of JaneEleanor, who inspired me to create stockings for my family simply by showing me a picture.  Ha!  Sometimes…most times, that’s all it takes, folks.

For my first, I’ve chosen a smattering of Amy Butler fabrics sewn together in random strips, then quilted.  The cuff is in the works as I type.  This one was more experimental for me and I’m excited to personalize each one for my kids.

Happy holidays, whichever you celebrate.  Blessings and peace to you and your family.