New beginnings!

I hope your 2016 is looking to be as exciting and creative as mine!!

I am tickled to be starting a new quilt today!  I am 6 squares in to the Valentine quilt from Elizabeth Hartman’s The Practical Guide to Patchwork.  I’m always up for a stash-buster, and this is a fun and easy quilt to pursue.  I’ll update with photos over the next couple of days – I would like to get enough squares completed to figure the first couple of rows so it’s easier for us all to visualize!

I’m excited to announce that I had a great experience with Andrea Moore from The Design Marketplace in creating my new logo!  Isn’t it beautiful!  She is a graphic designer and she was a peach to work with – very patient, kind, patient, talented, patient…you get it.  I really had little idea what I wanted, but when she came to me with the latest design, I knew it was the one for me.  Please do check out her shop – she has some beautiful wall art in her shop, as well!

As a reminder,  I make stuff.  In between squares for my quilt, I will be making personalized Easter baskets, pillowcases, and project bags…all to arrive in the shop soon.

Hope you’re well and are finding loads of inspiration and buckets of motivation for this new year!  Be well, hug often, drink lots of water, get lots of sleep.




Craft Hope – Project 21 :: Rally for Roma!

First: I’ve missed being here.

Second: I’ve kept busy while I’ve been away!

If you’re not familiar with the Craft Hope movement in service, please check out my post from November 30.

Here is a description of the project from the shiny new Craft Hope website.


My mom is a quilter.  I am not; I make clothes. My mom used to make (lots of!) clothes, but over the years, her skills (and her patience) evolved and she took up quilting, though she does bust out some cute clothing these days.  Maybe it’s just a natural progression, I don’t know. BUT, I now understand why quilters love what they do so much!

There is something so soothing and slow and easy about quilting.  The way one can get lost in the fabrics and the colors and the hum of the machine and the sound of your heartbeat while you’re cutting and piecing and…  You know what I mean, don’t you…you crafty little goddess?!?  If it’s not quilting, it could be something else that speaks to you this way, right?

I am not a quilter.

My mom has given me loads of her scraps over the years, as I enjoy applique’ing clothing quite a lot.  I use what she gives me and I try to remember the quilt that has the same materials in it.  I have a huge stash of her scraps, as I can’t applique THAT fast!  I’ve often wondered if there is anything else I could be doing with these scraps that my mother so painstakingly measured and cut.  Anything besides making a quilt, because (say it with me, now)…

I am not a quilter!!!


I popped in to Stitch Cleveland, my local sewing shop, and was talking to the owner about my pondering.  She knew right away how to help me and picked up a book named The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman.  She said that it was a great introduction to quilting and had several patterns inside, from novice to advanced.  She pointed me to the Small Plates pattern and here is what came of that:


I am rather impressed with myself!  This is the first quilt that I’ve made, and I’ve done it slowly and carefully and poured the best of myself into it AND…

(the connection)

…I’m going to be so pleased to send it off to Romania!  It’s rather primitive, but Heidi was right – it was the perfect quilt to start me off!

Lookout world: I AM A QUILTER!

(the pieces haven’t been sewn together just yet – I’ll pop on with photos of the finished project!)

Another stocking complete!

Finished up another stocking earlier today!  This one is for my daughter, Clare.  I had chosen the fabric, but Clare determined the placement, the stitching, and the thread colors.  I think she did a nice job, don’t you?


I apologize for the flipped photos – I can’t seem to figure out how to get them topside up!!


Here is a picture of both stockings done.  The first one I decided to offer to our dog, Bess.  Her stocking is tall and skinny because Santa brings her bully sticks.  ; )


Both stockings were cut from a paper bag template (HA!), machine quilted and embroidered.

How is your Christmas crafting going?  Whatcha workin’ on?